more casts, more casts, more casts August 26 2013

Hi Everyone,
Chloe is doing well. She gets a new cast every 3 to 4 days and so far the vet said she's healing very nicely.

Chloe is seen here sporting the red cast. One strong recommendation from the vet is to keep the cast clean. It's pretty difficult when the grass is wet in the morning.

We ended up buying PawZ's. These are rubber covers that are slipped on top of the dog's paws. We bought the Large ones since they had to go on top of the cast. They work really well.

Chloe's pretty smart. She's figured out that if the PawZ comes out, she's going on a walk, and she should sit down by the door!

She's made it a breeze to put on. 

For the first few days, she was pretty quiet. She didn't bark at random noises.... but now she's back! She's barking barking at people when they open our front door again.

Cali on her end has been such a good girl. We had people over last night and she found her self a very comfortable spot on a chair!

Within 10 minutes, he tongue was out, and she was snoring!

What a comfort queen.