Big Chested Dogs

It's on! January 06 2015

Cali and Chloe will coming down to Long Beach to show off they stuff! The girls are going to to bulldog beauty contest at Long Beach on February 7th. The contest will be held at Marine Stadium, 5225 Paoli Way, Long Beach, 90803 . Come on down.

Cali Clip is in France? November 23 2014

Cali and Chloe's cousin Zoe was spotted wearing her Cali Clip!  Ha ha... what a face!! As you know, it's pretty hard to get a good shot of our little ones. They just find a way to move just as the camera's shutter closes. They are such clowns.  So for that: good work to the photographer!!

They are everywhere! November 06 2014

Hi Everyone,there's Frenchie fever in the neighborhood!This is Vato. Our little office homey! He's absolutely adorable.Down the street, we have Marsh. He's a very energetic pup. He's giving a run for Chloe's money in this picture. Peter is the last baby of the group. He's attending 6 man in Hermosa in this picture. He's already a blond beach boy at 2 months old in this picture.All these guys now need are...

Cali Clip spotted April 10 2014

Hi Everyone,a Cali Clip was spotted on a frenchie! He looks so great in the red Cali Clip which was available for a very short time at or The Cali Clip conveniently holds dog tags. It makes transferring the dog's tags from collar to collar or collar to harness a breeze.Here are Cali and Chloe sporting their Cali Clip

Day at the beach February 15 2014

Hi everyone,it was nice and cool today, so we were able to take Cali and Chloe to the beach. They love to run around freely. While Chloe was there, she made a new friend. He was a very nice boy and let her play with his soccer ball. Sadly for him, Chloe loved the ball too much and ended up popping it. She's such a rascal. The boy was so...

Happy Holidays! December 30 2013

Hi Everyone,We went to a walk in Hermosa Beach, and we ran into Santa! The girls were very excited and insisted to have their photo taken with him.Cali and Chloe, and the Big Chested Dogs family wish you Happy Holidays!

Cali and Chloe are enjoying a nice afternoon stroll October 25 2013

Hi Everyone,Chloe has recovered so well. She's now back to running around like a little puppy.Today was the Halloween party at the barn. Cali and Chloe are wearing their really fun costumes!Cali is wearing a saddle with a cowboy. While Chloe is a little cow. They are so funny together. They love to wrestle so we love to see the cow beat up on the cowboy. Boo! Chloe's "who? me?"...

more casts, more casts, more casts August 26 2013

Hi Everyone,Chloe is doing well. She gets a new cast every 3 to 4 days and so far the vet said she's healing very nicely.Chloe is seen here sporting the red cast. One strong recommendation from the vet is to keep the cast clean. It's pretty difficult when the grass is wet in the morning.We ended up buying PawZ's. These are rubber covers that are slipped on top of the...

Chloe is finally discharged from the hospital. The fun begins August 16 2013

Hi Everyone,Chloe is finally discharged from the hospital. She is sporting a new purple cast with a little heart. So sweet.We had to put her e-collar on her so she doesn't go after the cast. It can't get wet at all or it could infect her incision.The vet tech went over all of the consigns to take care of Chloe. The road is going to be very long and tough....

Successful surgery August 15 2013

Hi Everyone,Chloe's surgery was successful.  The surgeon ended up straightening one of her metacarpals so it would be in line with the other bone, and putting a splint on her 5th metacarpal. The surgeon said she did very well.We went to see her with Cali that night. She was pretty drugged up. Mommy was really good though, and brought her some steamed chicken. Chloe can't resist it and started eating. The...

Oh no, Chloe broke her paw! August 14 2013

Hi Everyone,little Chloe was chasing a butterfly at the barn, and a horse didn't find it as cute as the rest of us. He tried to stomp on her, but luckily, Cali pulled Chloe out of the way at the last second.Sadly, the horse managed to catch Chloe's right back leg. The results is 3 broken metacarpals. Look at her sad face.The broken bones as in her back right leg....

Cali and Chloe in Hermosa August 13 2013

Hi Everyone,Cali and Chloe now have their own blog!You can see their photos on instagram as well at